Excel Intermediate


1 day (6 hours) or 2 half days (preferred)

 Cost 120

 Course Objectives

This course is designed to build on basic Excel spreadsheet knowledge, developing existing skills to use additional features of Microsoft Excel.


Students should have experience of using Microsoft Excel, including creating, editing, formatting, saving and printing spreadsheets, and preferably have completed an introduction course.


One-to-one training allows the student to progress at their own pace whilst learning the skills to add visual elements and advanced functions and formulas to spreadsheets.

Excel Intermediate Course Contents

Formulae and Functions

Cell Addressing in Formulae
Copy Formulae
Absolute Cell Referencing
Creating Names Ranges
Using Ranges in Formulae
Use of Average, Min and Max Functions
Create a Formula using Functions
Use Insert Function
Use Basic Arithmetic Functions
Date Related Functions
Using Logical Functions in Formulas

Data Lists

Create a Data List
Use a From to View, Sort and Enter Records
Sorting Lists


Creating Charts Revisited
Moving, Resizing and Deleting Charts
Formatting Charts
Adding Trend Line to a Chart
Using the Chart Toolbar
Changing Chart Options
Printing Charts

Formatting Worksheets

Applying Cell Borders and Shading
Apply AutoFormat
Define a Style
Modify Exiting Style
Apply Style to Worksheet
Add Comments
Review, Edit and Delete Comments

Managing Worksheets

Renaming Worksheets
Inserting and Deleting Sheets
Copying Sheets
Hide and Unhide Rows and Columns
Switch between Worksheets

Import and Export of Data

Import Data from other Applications
Export Data to other Applications

Printing Workbooks

Print and Preview Ranges and Sheets
Set Print Areas
Grid Lines
Display Formulas in Worksheet Cells 

Note: Other topics may be added and some of the above not covered in detail depending on time constraints and student interest.