Web Design and Hosting Features

You have the freedom to decide just what features you want because it is 


Basic Design Features

Incorporating your company logo

Matching your existing company promotional materials

Incorporating text in your choice of font, style and colour

Incorporating your original photographs (using HP scanning technology)

Incorporating digital images and photographs

Your choice of page design and layout

Your choice of page background

From one to as many pages as you wish

A Personalised Feedback / Question Form

A page Hit Counter


Advanced Design Features

Web Design using PHP and MYSQL database technology

Message Board feature for direct update by customer


Hosting Features

Domain Name Registration (based on your requirement / suggestion)

Web Hosting on a Secure Commercial Site

Website Maintenance

Website Updates (including three free updates per year)

Website Traffic Statistics

Annual hosting, maintenance and update agreement

If you are unsure of any of the Terms used above then look at my list of Definitions associated with Web Design and Hosting.

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