Message Board

 'Message Board' allows users to edit text areas directly on their web sites using a normal internet browser.

This page provides a number of text areas to give users the opportunity to trial the feature.

Please feel free to trial the feature by logging in via the Your-Own-Page Control Panel found at:

The user name is:  yourtrial
The password is:   yourtrial

On the Control Panel Home page please click on "Web Page Management". You can now edit the text areas.

For help please see the Message Board User Manual

The text areas are all incorporated in the example page below so you can see what impact your input has.


Latest News 
(Below is the Text Area - Message Board 1)

     (Below is the Text Area - Message Board 2)



(Below is the Text Area - Message Board 3)



  (To the left is the Text Area - Message Board 4               and to the right Text Area - Message Board 5)       




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