Wimborne Athletic Club

Wimborne 10 Race Number Transfer Form

We do not make a charge for transferring race numbers on the sole condition that you follow these instructions:

1.   Fill in all the details on the form as requested.

2.   Submit the completed form which will be directed to  Jeff@wimborne10.co.uk  for the Wimborne 10

3.   Receipt by Race Secretary of a fully completed form indicates that the original runner has agreed to transfer the number and that the new runner has read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of entry found on the relevant race web page at www.wimborneac.co.uk . Any sized race memento cannot be resized for the new runner & any payment for the race number is between original and new runner & not a matter for Wimborne AC.

4.   The closing date for number transfers to be accepted by the Race Organisers is contained within the terms and conditions of entry.

5.   The transfer is only effective once original and new runner have received an email acknowledgement from the race secretary only then should the race number be handed across to the new runner.

Required Field