Introduction to Excel


1 day (6 hours) or 2 half days (preferred)

Cost 120

Course Objectives

This course is designed to introduce basic spreadsheets, providing the skills to use Microsoft Excel with confidence in the work environment.


No previous experience of Excel is required, however, familiarity of using personal computers, mouse and keyboard are assumed, along with a basic understanding of the Windows environment to manage information on the computer. Basic typing skills are recommended.


One-to-one training allows the student to progress at their own pace whilst learning the skills to create and edit basic spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel

Introduction to Excel Course Contents

Basic Introduction to Excel

The elements of the Excel Screen
Spreadsheet Functions

Creating a Workbook

Create a New Workbook
Save and Name Workbook
Open Existing Workbook
Using Zoom

Entering and Editing Data

Enter Text and Numbers
Edit Cell Contents
Selecting Cells
Moving around a Spreadsheet
Delete Data
Use AutoFill
Drag and Drop
Cut, Copy and Paste
Find and Replace
Check Spelling

Basic Formulae

Use AutoSum
Enter Simple Formulae
Edit a Formula
Understanding Error Messages
Absolute and Relative Cell Referencing

Formatting Worksheets

Insert and Delete Rows and Columns
Resize Rows and Columns
Using Autofit
Insert and Delete Cells
Changing the Font Type, Size and Colour
Changing the Number Format
Currency and Date Formats
Changing Alignment
Rotating Text

Printing Workbooks

Set Page Margins and Orientation
Scale Print Output
View Worksheet in Print Preview
Set Up Headers and Footers
Add Fields in Headers and Footers
Print Worksheet 


Types of Chart
Creating a Chart

Note: Other topics may be added and some of the above not covered in detail depending on time constraints and student interest.