Word Intermediate


1 day (6 hours) or 2 half days (preferred)

 Cost 120

Course Objectives

This course is designed to build on the basic word processing techniques, developing existing skills to create more complex documents using additional features of Microsoft Word.


Students should have experience of using Microsoft Word to create, edit, format, save and print documents containing text and basic tables, and preferably have completed an introduction course.


One-to-one training allows the student to progress at their own pace whilst developing the skills to add complexity to business documents using Microsoft Word.

Word Intermediate Course Contents

Creating and Editing a Document

AutoCorrect and AutoText

File Management

Save Documents in Different Formats

 Text Formatting

Modify Character Spacing
Add Special Text Effects
Display Formatting Codes/Settings
Borders and Shading
Special Characters and Symbols
Applying Existing and Creating New Style
Find and Replace Formatting

 Paragraph Formatting

Borders and Shading
Creating and Customising Bulleted Lists
Creating and Customising Numbered Lists
Sorting Lists
Tab Settings and Alignment

 Page and Document Formatting

Headers and Footers
Automatic Page Numbering
Insert Date and Time
Page Borders
Section Breaks
Working with Columns


Use Existing and Creating New Templates


Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
Resizing Rows and Columns
Merging and Splitting Cells
Borders and Shading
Rotate Text in Table

 Using Outline View

Condensing and Expanding Document
Moving Text

Demoting and Promoting Headings


Create and Modify Lines and Objects
Create 3D shapes
Insert WordArt
Insert Clip Art
Insert Text Boxes
Create and Modify Organisation Chart
Apply AutoFormat to an Organisation Chart

Note: Other topics may be added and some of the above not covered in detail depending on time constraints and student knowledge and interest.